Logos LAMBS (Living As My Bible Says)

Our Vision Statement here at Logos is to create a safe, fun, God seeking and learning environment for all youth who comes into Logos. Safety always comes first. Parents are entrusting us with their greatest gifts and we want to make sure we set them at ease by creating the safest environment possible. We have come to find that children learn best when they are having fun. Therefore, we strive to keep kids on their toes with thrilling activities that stimulate their mind. Last but not least, we desire to present the infallible Word of God to the kids with age appropriate lessons that simplify the Word.  At Logos we want to have each child come to a personal lifetime commitment and relationship with GOD. We want to have such an excellent program and environment that they love coming back every week. We invest in Logos LAMBS (Living As My Bible Says) for the future of Logos Fellowship!


Logos Services

Sunday 9:30 ~ Sunday School

Sunday 10:30am ~ Morning Worship

Wednesday 7:15pm ~ Logos Bible Study

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Meeting Location:  842 Hillburn Dr.  Dallas, TX 75217

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